Our Values


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Portland Christian Schools to educate students in the truth of God’s word in every area of instruction and activity, so that their lives may be transformed by the renewing of their minds.


Vision Statement

Portland Christian Schools, growing leaders in mind and spirit since 1947.  


Core Values

All Board, Administration, Faculty and Staff (including coaches), must be able to demonstrate that they understand and model a biblical world and life view and are committed to the spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and social development of each student.


Students will be taught to develop a biblical world and life view and be challenged to live according to biblical standards.


Critical thinking skills shall be taught so that students will have the tools to evaluate their current culture and climate in light of God’s Word.


Each student shall be encouraged to love the Lord their God with their whole heart and mind to the end that each one be compelled to reach out in love to others both at home and around the world.