Academic Advising and Counseling

Jr/Sr HS Department of Academic Advising and Counseling

The Department of Academic Advising and Counseling seeks to nurture and foster the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth of every PCS student. In partnership with our families and faculty, our academic advisors and counselors serve as advocates for the students entrusted to our care. Our offices maintain an open door policy, so as to make students feel welcomed and treasured.

It is our sincere desire that every student who graduates from PCS has an understanding of their unique gifts, and a desire to add richly to society through their intellect, talents, and hearts for service. To that end, we seek to educate students on the endless possibilities of higher education and provide numerous opportunities for them to reach their full potential.


Academic Help

 TUTORING - PCS offers tutoring for all students after school from 3:00-4:00.  Teachers are available to help with homework or re-teach concepts. There is no fee or appointment necessary.

 LEARNING LAB - The Labs are an academic support class, available to all students, that provide a variety of supports  based on the needs of the student. The purpose of the class is to  focus on organizational skills, homework completion, skill deficits, and general student support.


  - STUDY: The library is open from 3:00-4:00pm for students to use as a quiet work time. They must sign-in when entering the library, and sign-out when they leave. Students who choose to go to the library after school are expected to work quietly on any assignments they may have. 

  - RECREATION: In room 28 from 3:00-5:00pm Mrs. Green is providing supervised recreation and socializing for all students. 




 Community Service


     Community Service 


Jr/Sr HS Counseling Department

Carmen Moore
Dean of Students

Phone: 503.256.3960 ext. 252


Jessica Van Der Merwe

Phone: 503.256.3960 ext. 256


Julia Christofferson
Student Ministries Coordinator

Phone: 503.256.3960 ext. 204


Notes from the Counselor's Office


Elementary Counseling Department

Jill Sabo
Director of Student Support

Phone: 503.253.2666 ext. 308