General Employment Application

August 4, 2012 - 5:10pm -- admin

Please complete and submit the following application to be considered for employment at PC. There will be an opportunity to upload any supplemental documents at the end of the application.

Personal Information

I certify the information I provide in this application accurately reflects my abilities and experience. I have not intentionally lied or offered dishonest information to potential employers. I understand that providing false or misleading information, whether discovered before or after any offer of employment, may result in actions including but not limited to suspension, dismissal, revocation of licensure, and any other measures permitted by law. I authorize any employer to check my references, to obtain information from my prior employers and educational institutions, and to take other actions to investigate any information provided in my employment application, and to obtain information relevant to evaluating my qualification and fitness for a position. I authorize my past employers and educational institutions, and anyone else who has information about my work history, education qualification or fitness, to provide such information to employers. I release these employers and all persons providing information to the employers from any liability whatsoever for obtaining and providing that information, regardless of the results.