Jr. High School

At Portland Christian Jr. High School (grades 6 - 8), we recognize the unique character and characteristics of younger adolescents. Research has shown that students in the ten through fourteen-year-old age bracket exhibit a tremendous number of changes in their physical, intellectual, social, and educational growth.
Nowhere in their educational experience will so many transformations occur at different rates. Unlike the elementary age child, where changes take place at a more uniform and somewhat predictable rate, junior highers deal with nearly cataclysmic changes on all fronts. We strive to offer programs that meet the needs of students during this transitional period.
Because students in junior high often exhibit a wide variety of cognitive skills, abilities, and maturity levels, we individualize our junior high programs to provide each student with the challenges and motivation they need to learn. We encourage each student to always work to improve on their personal bests. Those who are ready are challenged with higher level course work in the areas they can handle. Those who need more time in a particular class are allowed to proceed at their own pace.  
Junior high students are often very impressionable. They desire freedom from structure, but aren't necessarily ready for the responsibilities that accompany that freedom. Our junior high faculty is aware of this and takes extreme care to uphold biblical standards in attitudes, conduct, and speech. Because reasoning and decision-making processes are becoming more complex in the junior higher, we provide a program that is structured, yet provides room to "flex," preparing students for the freedoms and the social and learning skills they will need to function in the higher grades.

Jr./Sr. HS Class Schedule

Class begins: 8:05 a.m.
Class ends: 3:05 p.m.

For a detailed bell schedule, please see your Parent/Student Handbook.

If your student will be late or absent, please call 503.256.3960 x263 or email melanie.zallee@pcschools.org