Tuition and Fees



2016-2017 ISP Tuition & Fees
Full Year Tuition (Includes books, class fees, & sports fees) $15,820
Application Fee (One time only) $250
Host Family Placement Fee (One time only) $100
Medical Insurance (Based on 10 months, $100 per month) $1,000
Host Family Fee ($750 per month, 10 months  $7,500
Total Yearly Expenses $24,670


Payments for tuition, fees, and gifts may be made by bank check or sent directly to the Portland Christian Schools bank account by wire transfer. Please contact Mrs. Sheila Tretter for wire transfer instructions.
Tuition is due at the time you arrive at the school for the start of classes. Tuition may be paid in its entirety before the first day of classes, or it may be paid in two equal installments with the fall term tuition paid on or before August 15th and the spring term tuition paid on or before  January 15th. Students are NOT allowed to begin classes in any term in which their tuition is not yet paid. Once the students have entered their first day of class, tuition for that term is NON-REFUNDABLE.