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ISP: Student Commitment

Student Commitment

Below are the rules for all students.  Please read them carefully and type your name after you fully understand and agree to obey these rules.

1.    Students must obey the laws of the United States and their home country.

2.    Students are not permitted to purchase or drink alcoholic beverages.

3.    Students are not permitted to purchase or use tobacco products (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, etc.).

4.    Students are not permitted to possess or use illegal drugs.

5.    Students are not permitted to visit such places as drinking establishments, pornographic shops or adult theaters. 

6.    Students must not participate in any sexual contact or sexual activity.

7.    Students are not permitted to have or use sexually explicit materials (such as books, magazines, comic books, audio tapes, videos or internet sites).

8.    Students may travel with their host families.  Any other travel may be done only with clearance from the school administration.

9.    Students are not permitted to possess guns of any type.

10.  Students are not permitted to participate in sky diving, hang gliding, parachute jumping or any other dangerous activities.

11.  Each student must live with a Host Family approved by the school.  Students cannot change families or schools at will.

12.  Students must show respect for their Host Family and act as a member of the family by following family rules and voluntarily helping with family chores.  Students should not discuss their Host Family’s private affairs with others.

13.  Students must always be aware of their responsibility as international students and make a determined effort to represent their country in a positive manner.

14.  Students must follow school rules, attend school daily, complete all school assignments, and maintain at least a “C” average.

15.  Students are not permitted to use personal phones as translators.

16.  Students must show respect for all Portland Christian faculty and staff and follow their instruction.

Repeated failure to obey any of the above rules may result in disciplinary action.

I have read and fully understand the above rules and agree to obey them.  I understand that repeated disobedience may result in dismissal from the International Student Program and from Portland Christian High School.  (Note:  Dismissal from the school may result in termination of the visa.)

I have read the Student/Host Family Relationship Profile and I agree to work to establish this type of relationship with my host family.  I understand that failure to do so will jeopardize my student status at Portland Christian High School.

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