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ISP: Parent Commitment

Parent Commitment

1. We understand it is the purpose of Portland Christian Schools to provide a distinctly Biblical Christian academic setting for its students, and to train its young people to function in the world as discerning Christians, capable of sharing their faith in Jesus Christ and expressing that faith in their daily lives.

2. We have read the statement of philosophy and policy regarding admission of non-English speaking, foreign students and agree to cooperate with the school by providing all requisite information.

3. We hereby invest authority in the school to discipline our student(s) as outlined in the PCS Student Handbook. We further agree that we will cooperate by supporting the school standards.

4. We hereby give permission for our student(s) to go on field trips that are a part of their class program. We understand that the host family will be informed in writing of the destination, transportation, supervision, and schedule.

5. We understand we must report psychiatric counseling, any long-term prescribed program of medication, and involvement with juvenile authorities during the past three years. Failure to do so may be cause for dismissal.

6. We will make our tuition payment and pay any costs above normal school fees, and we will cover the cost of damage to school or personal property that is caused by our student.

7. Tuition is due at the time you arrive to the school for the start of classes. Tuition for the year may be paid in its entirety before the first day of classes, or it may be paid in two equal installments with the fall term tuition paid on or before the first day of classes and the spring term tuition paid on January 15th. Students are NOT allowed to begin classes in any term in which their tuition is not yet paid. Once the student has entered his/her first day of class, tuition for that term is NON-REFUNDABLE.

8. We understand that the school reserves the right to dismiss any student who does not:

  •  Respect and observe PCS behavioral standards, and
  •  Cooperate in our educational goals.

9. We understand students new to Portland Christian Schools will be allowed to continue in school after the first semester only upon approval from the faculty and administration.

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