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Is txting ruining ur writing?!

Teacher Mrs. Penny Duncan shares, “Katie Rose Bakke was selected by the national student magazine, “Scholastic News” to give her opinion on a debate topic.  In the fall of 2019, Bakke went to her mother and asked if she could participate in the Debate It! Section. She had to write an argument essay to support her stance.  A couple of months later, she heard from Scholastic that she would be published!

Here's what Bakke wrote:

"When kids text, we're trying to communicate quickly. So we don't really care if our spelling or grammar is correct.  But kids can get used to this way of writing. If so, they might forget the proper way to write and spell when they go to write a book report or an essay.

A lot of times, we don't even use words when we text - we use emojis. If you never have to write words out, your spelling skills will suffer."


Bakke with the Scholastic magazine

Last week, Bakke, her parents and her class reviewed the Scholastic issue and casted their online vote in this debate.    

Bakke and her classmates

Congratulations Katie Rose – we’re proud of you!



By Grace Dugger