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“I was expecting to complete senior year with a bang. But turns out, I’m going out with a mask.” ~ Rachel Grigorchuk

Now that they’ve actually completed high school (yay!)  PCS graduating seniors share their thoughts about their final quarter while distance learning.


Annie Bahr

I've always said my ideal learning space would be a library where I can remain focused but still do things at my own pace. Learning at home is hard because it's hard to keep a structure and you're surrounded by all the projects and relaxing activities you always wished to do for yourself and others if you could be at home and not at school. I can say it was a learning experience.

Allison Brist

This last covid quarter has reminded me that God works in mysterious ways and His plan doesn't always align with what we might expect or think it should be. While the last quarter of my senior year was not at all what I had imagined, I trust that God knows what is best. Yes, it is disappointing that I had to miss out on numerous activities and that I wasn't allowed to see my friends or teachers, but through it all I have also learned to appreciate the things that have come as a result: a chance to slow down my hectic life, spend more time with family, and reflect on how blessed I truly am.

Eoghan Collopy

This last quarter was interesting being at home and not seeing people who you are used to seeing five days a week. It was a challenge to readjust, especially with the end of the line in sight. But you just gotta put a smile on your face and get after it.

Journie Conard

During this time, I’ve found it very comforting to have the support of the PC staff there for all of us seniors. My time at PC will always be one that I treasure forever. Thank you for an amazing 12 years!

Quan Dao

At first, I was glad that school ended early in my last year of high school. The process of transferring my education to online was easy. The outbreak might be the most memorable moment of my high school life.

Madi DeLucia

My semester while social distancing has been a very weird experience. With every class going online it has been harder to keep myself accountable doing work, but also a lot of work was cancelled. I hate not being able to see my friends at school and many events such as senior prom. This time in history will be remembered forever.

Josie Ernst

Covid has really changed how I thought my senior year would end. My class missed out on some of the most important times in high school for us. But being at PC has been such a blessing with online learning and being able to finish my senior year somewhat smoothly, compared to how other schools have handled online learning.

Rachel Grigorchuk

COVID-19 was quite an experience, it changed my point of view about senior year. I was expecting to complete senior year with a bang.  But turns out, I’m going out with a mask. Being at PC changed many views in my life, it was a blessing. Quarantine made me focus on school more and think about life and count my blessings and have faith in God. I’m sad I’m not going to finish my senior year in school but I’m going to think about the positive aspects!

Dakota Guild

My last semester at high school was definitely strange. I loved being able to wake up and finish my school day by noon, and being able to do a lot more than just school during my day.

Marissa Hanberg

My semester during quarantine was very unique and definitely not how I expected the end of the year to go. This experience has grown me closer to God and my trust in Him. I am sad to miss out on a few big events from senior year. I will always remember my senior year because it was such a unique year to graduate.

Daniel Humphrey

I’ve learned how unpredictable life is. My plans and God’s plans probably don’t usually line up, but this year it was even more apparent. What God had in store for me was different than what I expected.  However, I think that I’ve been doing my best to make the most of it.  As sad as it has been to miss out on things, I’ve also been able to experience things I would have otherwise missed out on.

Aunnah Karavais

This COVID semester has been tough, as well as easier, because the whole day was available to finish what was needed instead of going to different classrooms for 8 hours.  I had fun having time to myself, but I did miss times with my friends and the hallway talks we had.

Hung Le

Even though we ended up with digital learning to finish the year, it was such a surreal experience. It felt like you still go to school but be rather comfy at home. It was no less of a challenge for me.

Andy London

I would rather forget.

Blake Mazurowski

I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace, however, I did miss socializing with everyone over the break.

Jeremy Mecalis

School during this pandemic was definitely weird. It was easier than expected and I kind of enjoyed it. It was beast.

Taylor Newcomb

It has definitely been a challenge, but the teachers have made it feel easier. It’s sad that we have to miss the last bit of our high school experience.

Caleb Orella

Finishing school online was a weird experience. I never thought this was how I would finish high school but it will be a good story for later, “How I Graduated in a Pandemic.”  It’d make a good book, but maybe the title needs work.

Lindzey Pham

It was definitely the weirdest semester of my 12 years at school and it was also the weirdest way to end my high school career. But I appreciate the support I got from my teachers at Portland Christian. This is the most memorable year of my high school life.

Colin Stoops

The last quarter of school was filled with doubt and challenges. But it showed the harder you work, the easier it will become. Having free time soon becomes your only problem; but also a great struggle on how to manage time. No matter how hard it gets, there is always something to learn.

Yesenia Teeman

The coronavirus has affected me and my family mostly by limiting what we can do. The Japan trip set up by the school was cancelled and the family hasn’t come over in a while. Obviously, graduation was cancelled as well, which has changed a lot for my family as well.

Julia Vesa

School during the corona quarantine made me realize how much I missed seeing my friends every day and my teachers’ amazing smiles. Don’t take any day for granted at PC. Enjoy every second you can while it lasts.

Kyle Wicklander

It was definitely a weird way to end my senior year, but it was a good time to spend with family. I’m glad we got to finish our classes and still get to have a graduation, eventually.

Emma Zallee

The transition between classroom learning and online classes was confusing at times but overall I felt it was good for me. I missed my teachers and my friends but having a more flexible schedule allowed me to feel less stress and therefore perform better academically. I’m sad we didn’t get the end of senior year as we’d been anticipating it for so long. But I’m very excited for college next year.

Maggie Min Zhang

Unfortunately, we had to take online classes for the rest of the year. But I’m so thankful for the teachers who did really awesome teaching. Thanks for all they did.