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“If you study Math, you study about God.”

Khang Nguyen, an 11th grader and 2018 MA0 inductee recalls what he hears daily from his math teacher, Mr. Andrew Jannsen: “If you study Math, you study about God.” There is no higher purpose!
This year, PCS proudly inducted 12 new students into the MA0 National High School Mathematics Honors Society.  The students inducted are:

Seniors:  Katherine Fakashchuk, Mary Ann Helgerson, Giang Huynh, Stephanie Mecalis

Juniors:  Allison Brist, Quan Dao, Kyungeun (Melissa) Kim, Khang An Nguyen

Sophomores:  Tsiyon Geremew, Olivia Stumetz

The MA0 National Mathematics Honor Society is "dedicated to inspiring a keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in … students." (http://www.mualphatheta.org)

Requirements for induction include:

  • Must be in at least 10th grade
  • Must have successfully completed Algebra 2 or its equivalent
  • Must have completed at least one high school math course as a high school student at Portland Christian Schools
  • Must maintain an overall grade point average of at least 3.5
  • Must maintain an unweighted mathematics grade point average of at least 3.5.

MA0 members are required to complete 20 service hours, ten of which must be fulfilled by tutoring other students. MA0 members do not take this unique opportunity to tutor fellow schoolmates lightly.  Newly inducted senior Stephanie Mecalis looks forward to tutoring students to help them overcome a common feeling that, “I hate math!”  She wants to show them that, “it’s easier than they think.” 

Some of this year’s inductees truly love math.  Tsiyon Geremew says, “Growing up, math was always around and as I solved more complex math problems it amazed me. Math is like a different language that speaks at times more powerful than words to me.”  But don’t think that just because a student belongs to MAO, they are all about mathematics!  Senior Laura Oh says that math is NOT her favorite subject – but still, she truly enjoys the tutoring. Last year she tutored 6th and 7th grade math students and what she loved wasn’t necessarily the math, but rather, the opportunity to get to know the younger students.

MA0 members – we are proud of each and every one you!  Congratulations to all twelve 2018 inductees as well as to those inducted last year -- Portland Christian’s third year of MA0 membership!

2018 Math National Honor Society inductees


Photo from left to right: Mrs. Sherri James, Katherine Fakashchuk, Mary Ann Helgerson, Allison Brist, Quan Dao, Giang Huynh, Mrs. Joeal Mazurowski, MAO Advisor, Melissa Kim, Khang An Nguyen, Tsiyon Geremew, Olivia Stumetz, Mr. Andrew Jannsen.