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Fall 2020 Learning Together


"I believe God is going to take care of us as we respond in faith . . . as we have the hope and the optimism not based upon human beings . . .  but because God is faithful.  And at the end of this entire year, we're going to say, 'Man, that was hard work, but look at what God did.'  I believe that, and I claim it in faith."
~ Troy Wagner, Jr/Sr High School Principal
"From a parent perspective, a huge thanks to all the teachers and administrators for your awesome efforts to get this year, fall 2020, off on a positive note. Praying for each of you that even in not optimal circumstances, God uses you all to impact the lives of these amazing students."
~ Patti & Scott Stumetz, PCS parents
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The Parents' Perspective
We're so grateful for all of the work the principals and teachers have done! So impressed! We appreciate all of the academic content, but even more so the connection to people and to normalcy. One of my favorite things about PC is the way teachers love my kids and I have seen that this week. Our teachers have spent so much time with just my family; figuring out technical issues, checking in on us, making accommodations. Hearing teachers pray over kids on Zoom makes me tear-up every time. Thank you for your dedication! 
Thank you for everything the staff have done to respond to this challenging situation. We are proud to be part of the PC family and grateful for your efforts to continue to provide excellent education for our girls. I'm sure these last few weeks have been challenging in many different ways. A sincere thank you!
Thank you for your amazing work with our kids through these difficult times! I am blown away at how all of you have been able to transition to this distance learning so seamlessly and with such quality! We think it has been wonderful and are so thankful! Not only have our kids not lost in their education but they are progressing, when we see other schools that are stagnant around us! Also, to have teachers speaking Christ and his promises into them during this time means the world! What a blessing PC has been!
Thank you so much!  I can't even imagine how hard the principals and PCS staff are working and have been working and will continue to work.  You are all amazing!
We are so appreciative of all the efforts the teachers and administration have put into creating an entirely new way to engage students.  Thank you so much for finding new processes for students to effectively "distance learn."  The level of care, patience, and kindness the teachers are showing their students has never been higher which is remarkable and awe-inspiring to see in such an unprecedented environment using tools they've never had before.  We are so grateful this season isn't just "online learning" with a faceless teacher and computer-based training; PCS has created a safe space where the relationships, laughter, and caring remain just as much a part of learning as it was before. 
Thank you for working so hard around the clock to continue building such a strong sense of community in the midst of such uncertainty.  
Thank you too for your unending patience with all us parents slow to get the hang of Google Classroom.  We're all on a steep learning curve and we're so grateful that we're in it together with you leading the charge.  Keep up the outstanding work and as always please let us know how we can help and support you the best way possible.
We have been so impressed and grateful for the awesome distance learning program our son's teacher has prepared. She has gone above and beyond communicating with us and with him, and we have felt so supported. The curriculum and work-load have been just the right level of challenging.