Portland Christian Schools Preschool - Grade 12

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"Every class I have taken has incorporated the truth of the Word of God in some way. The Bible is not only discussed in Bible class, but it shapes the worldview of science, history, and so much more. Everything about PCS is about sharing Christ and wanting the lives of students to grow in the plan that God has for them."
~ Student from the Class of 2019

At PCS, students are prepared to succeed academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.  We know the requirements of colleges and universities have regarding admissions.

In addition to the core classes that are necessary to succeed in college, the curriculum includes Honors and Advanced Placement courses.  Students have the option to earn concurrent college credit at partner colleges for courses taken at PCS.

Extreme care is taken by faculty to uphold and model Biblical standards of attitudes, conduct and speech.  The core subjects of Bible, English, Science, Math, Foreign Language, and Social Studies are further enhanced by elective options.


Arts and Electives
  • Various levels of art, choir, and band classes are offered every semester. For more information about the Visual Arts, Music (Choir and Band), and Yearbook/Photography curriculum please visit the Arts Section.
One of PCS’ core values is the teaching of the Bible so that every graduating student will have:
  • In-depth Bible study that culminates in church history, apologetics and doctrine
  • Studied the Bible several times through multiple entry points
  • Understand the salvation story
  • See Christ in every book of the Bible
The English Department classes intentionally:
  • Teaches students incrementally, the skills, mechanics, format, and analyses of writing various types of research papers
  • Requires the senior thesis – a research paper and an oral presentation
  • Includes creative writing
  • Has the standard reading curriculum content, that includes British and American Literature, integrated with a Biblical worldview
  • Expands studies in language classes which include Latin and Spanish
  • Enhances learning with varied techniques, including such aspects as Socratic Seminar, use of technology, oral presentation, vocabulary study, critical thinking and debate
Mathematics is an entity which always exists in the mind of God; it is a universal expression of His creative and sustaining Word of power. Students learn and assess:
  • Vocational, scientific, and applied aspects of mathematics - obeying God's command to subdue and replenish the earth and to take dominion over it (Gen. 1:28) 
  • Theoretical, abstract, and structural aspects of mathematics - discovering that beauty, order, infinitude and power mathematics exhibits are reflections of God's "power and Godhead" (Rom. 1:20)
In addition:
  • Students are assessed often, both formatively and summatively to ensure progress and learning to meet standards
  • All students meet the minimum requirement of Algebra 2 for graduation according to Oregon and PCHS standards
  • Math levels offered through college Calculus
  • Technology is integrated into all math courses with both students and teachers using this tool to enhance learning  
Physical Education/Health
Through the required Health and Anatomy class and variety of PE activities, students:
  • Develop a basic understanding of systems in the human body
  • Make healthy decisions contributing to one's ability to live out God's call for life
  • Learn building blocks in a variety of PE activities to improve conditioning and athletic ability
  • Gain muscular coordination, agility, cardiovascular endurance, and mental alertness
  • Appreciate personal hygiene

The Science Department accepts the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Students are taught that true science is the study and investigation of the universe God created. There is no separation of Bible and science. “Integration” is inherent in all that we work through in our courses.

In life sciences, students are provided the skills necessary to understand:
  • The theory of biogenesis (all life comes from similar pre-existing life) is taught to each student, illustrating that God’s intelligent design can clearly be seen in each living thing He has created
  • God has given them the responsibility for properly managing and maintaining His creation
  • “Man” is a special creation, created in God’s image, making us not only responsible for managing God’s creation but also making us responsible for our actions to God, the Creator
In physical sciences, the study of God’s creativity and consistency in the natural world consists of two primary areas: 
  • Chemistry, dealing with principles concerning the properties, composition and structure of matter and the changes it undergoes
  • Physics, studying fundamental principles and laws that govern the behavior of matter and energy in the universe
Social Studies
The Social Studies department is committed to:
  • Building students’ skills in reading critically,
  • Assessing the writer’s tone, intention, and purpose
  • Preparing students for AP US History and AP US Government classes in their 11th and 12th grade years
  • Engaging upper grade classes to discuss whether decisions made in the past align with God’s word
In the high school computers classes:
  • Students are given the opportunity to learn programming skills through lessons and assignments

Additional Information

  • All high school students are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service each year
  • National Honor Society and Math Honor Society members must complete a minimum of 20 hours community service each year