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A Panel of Alumni Share at the 2021 Homecoming Alumni High School Chapel

October 19, 2021

 “One of the most impactful things everyone said was to take advantage of opportunities we have in high school,” shares senor Aidan Taylor.  Following this good advice, he plans on attending more school events!

Panelists of Alumni speakers

The panelists of alumni were, pictured from left to right: David Hildebrand, Class of 2014, currently PCS Social Studies & Bible teacher, and HS soccer coach; Kirsten Lampi, Class of 1980; Andrew Jannsen, Class of 1986, currently PCS Math teacher and high school track & field coach; Dan Beaumont, Class of 1971 and retired PCS Bible teacher and so much more!


The following is Kirsten Lampi's brief written answers to moderator John Felton’s questions at the chapel on October 14.

Q: Introduce yourself - what are you currently doing?
A: Dr. Kirsten Lampi, MS, PhD, but my favorite title is Zewdi Lampi's mom. I am currently a Professor and Scientist at OHSU. I teach nutrition and biochemistry to dental students and I have an NIH laboratory to cure cataracts.

Q: What years were you here at PC?
A: 1967-1980 K-graduation (graduated a year early)

Q: What were you involved in at PC?
A: Student Council, cross-country, track, and ski club.

Q:What were some good decisions you made while in school?
A: To study hard, run hard, and chose some awesome friends!

Q: Are there any things you would have done differently if you could do your time at PC again?
A: Be less serious and less upset about all the little things.
Take typing. Take cooking.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories?
A: Driving to Goldendale and staying up all night watching the eclipse.
Going to track meets with the team and my brother.
Getting stranded on Mt. Hood with two friends during an ice storm.
Building and sleeping in snow caves with wilderness survival class.
Ski Club.
Getting in trouble in science classes.

Q: In what ways did you see God work while you were at PC?
A: Crazy things did in fact happen, yet, we all worked through it together. We learned to pray for each other and encourage each other. We still do today.

Q: What teachers made an impact on your life at PC and how?
A: Jeanne Lampi. Seriously. Taught me to think critically. 
Mr. Zimmerman. Taught me God was in all and through all including math.
Coaches. Examples of how to lead calmly.

Q: How do you feel PC prepared you for your life after school?
A: Taught me to think critically and to integrate my faith in every aspect of my life.

Q: What advice do you have for current students?
A: Life might not be like you had planned, but God will be with you!! I know this for sure! 
Rules might seem like joy killers now, but the further you go from the safety of the rules, the harder and honestly more painful it is to come back. But, you will, because God has you!
He is relevant to your life now and always will be.