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It's Out! It's Out!

Winter 2022

Emma Zallee (2020)
Daniel Humphrey (2020)
Andy London (2020)


On December 30, 2021, three PCS alumni released their album “Interregnum” on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music.

Vocalist Emma Zallee, keyboard player, Daniel Humphrey and guitarist, Andy London, from the class of 2020, informed the world on Facebook.  “IT’S OUT IT’S OUT IT’S OUT!!!!!  We’ve been working on this album, writing and recording, for four years, so we’re absolutely ecstatic to finally be putting “Interregnum” out into the world. While we did all the writing, mixing, mastering, and designing ourselves, we had so much support from some really amazing people. Extra thanks to Mike Dunay (yay drums!), Matt Caldwell and Joseph Ostrand [both teachers at PCS], our parents and so many more.”


The trio share on FB that Zallee imagined “the whole album happening simultaneously as like different people all living, strangers to each other, in the same city.”  Their album cover art reflects this.  Created by the band members resulting in paint-stained hands, it gave them a lot of fun.  Because they call the City of Roses home, their album cover depicts the city skyline of Portland.

Interregnum album cover

Album playlist

Zallee shares how the songs were written and what they mean to her.  This is taken from her December 30, 2020 FB post, with permission.

“Three years ago next week I broke some self-destructive habits. I was angry and lonely and very depressed but some people who love me made sure I learned to stop hurting myself when I needed help.  Today, I put out an album with two of those people, the best guys I know, @redlinescband. Most of these songs started as a kind of therapy for myself, painful to write and painful to sing.  But now that I share them with Andy and Daniel, they feel like a celebration of everything I’ve overcome, the life I now have, the friends I now have, and the hope I now have for even better things to come.”

She concludes, “Please go check out my band redline; and give Interregnum a listen. I’m unspeakably proud of everything the three of us have created.”