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Serve Day Returns to Jr/Sr High School After A Hiatus of Two Years

April 20, 2022


Serve Day on Good Friday has always been the culmination of Missions Week; and is organized by PCS staff.

This year, it was undertaken by 11th grade students as part of their junior service project. 

Serve Day team organizers

Caden Schroder and his team, (from left:)  Caden, Jordan Curtis, Kevin Liu, Conall McClelland, Sarah Asaya, worked together planning Missions Week and Serve Day.  Chapel guest speakers focused on missions.  This year, Alan Hotchkiss, executive director of Africa New Life spoke about their ministry in Rwanda.  PCS staff who have served in missions shared in another chapel. 

For six months, Caden and his team planned for Missions Week and Serve Day.  They contacted more than a dozen organizations who had benefitted from previous PCS Serve Days.  Only four organizations responded due to time, COVID and bus rental restrictions.  However, there was no lack of work on this campus and at the elementary campus!  

Junior high students were divided into groups and stayed on-campus.  With teacher and sometimes parent volunteers, they cleared rocks off the baseball and softball fields, cleaned the outside of lockers, cleaned the girls and boys bathrooms, removed gum from (well, imagine where gum might be left!), and cleaned classrooms.

Cleaning classrooms

Cleaning off gum

Cleaning the girls bathroom

Working on the softball field

Behind the scenes to get this accomplished, the junior student organizers had their helpers who provided buckets, cleaning supplies, sponges, mops, brooms, paper towels.

In the late morning, the 6th-8th grade groups rotated through three stations. These stations were also 11th grade service projects: writing letters to our OR senators and Portland mayor about different initiatives including environmental change efforts; coloring encouraging cards for residents of a retirement facility; writing letters to our PCS StuCo (Student Council) sponsored Compassion International children, making friendship bags for distribution to the houseless, making bird feeders with pinecones, sunflower butter and bird seed.

Writing letters

Writing letters to Compassion International child

Writing letters

Making bird feeders

Making packages for the houseless


The last time Caden participated in Serve Day was two years ago as an 8th grader.  He was part of team who cleaned up some of PCS’ neighbors’ yards.  This year, as missions coordinator for the Executive Student Council, he wanted students to be more engaged during Missions Week and to serve again on Serve Day.  He shared that in the 24 hours before Serve Day, he worked more than 10 hours organizing groups, distributing information, and trouble-shooting questions.  Asked if he would consider doing it again, he said he might!

On Serve Day, as Caden managed and checked in on all the groups, high school students headed out in different directions and began their serve activity.

Making buttons

Helping with the kinder class

Cleaning curb

The elementary campus group made buttons for the elementary Cultural Night (April 30), unpacked and organized donated items for the elementary serve day, worked outside on the circle driveway curb and helped with recess and kindergarten class.
Painting exterior wall and interior of bathroom
Painting exterior outside gym bathrooms
This group painted the interior walls of the outside gym bathroom walls and the exterior wall
Crew working on sand pit
cleaning covers
This team cleaned up the track & field equipment and prepped the sand pits
Organizing in the library
organizing in the copy room
Several students cleaned and organized in the student lounge, copy room, high school office and library
Power washing the student patio
A couple of students power-washed the student patio area
Cleaning the driveway drainage
Cleaning the driveway drainage
An intrepid team removed all the grunge in the school driveway drainage holes
Stacking poles in the barn
Another team moved and stacked items in the school barn
Debris removal
Another group raked, weeded and cleared off fallen/downed branches in neighbors’ yards

Others were driven by Mr. Wagner in his church van to Birch Community Services (sorted supplies and cleaned the facility), CherryWood Village Retirement Center (gardening and yardwork), Compassion Connect (weeding and yardwork), and Faithful Savior Lutheran Savior (interior cleaning and yardwork).   

Birch Community Services

Birch Community Services


CherryWood Village Retirement Center

Compassion Connect

Compassion Connect


Faithful Savior Lutheran Church

Faithful Savior Lutheran Church


Many students reported a feeling of satisfaction, knowing they had a part in a community effort to serve the school and those around them! 

We serve, because Jesus set the example, kneeling and wiping the feet of His disciples.





Written by Grace Dugger