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Tens of Thousands of People will See Her Painting

September 12, 2023


The tunnel is located in Washington DC, connecting the U.S. House of Representatives to the U.S. Capitol, and is used daily by Members of Congress, and Capitol visitors.

The U.S. House of Representative’s official art competition “An Artistic Discovery” for high school students is sponsored by The Congressional Institute. “Each year House Members may honor one high school student from their districts by selecting a piece of artwork for inclusion in an exhibit at the U.S. Capitol.” (https://www.congressionalinstitute.org/congressional-art-competition/)

Isobel and her father flew to the Capitol to attend the opening of the exhibition in June.  She was selected by Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who represents the 3rd Congressional District of Oregon, with her piece named, “The Metropolitan Area Express.”

Isobel shares, “Getting to see the exhibit was surreal. There were hundreds of paintings and pieces of art hung, tightly spaced along the cannon tunnel, [all] suspended by wires. It took a while to find my painting along with the other Oregon winners! Every district from every state was represented in this competition. I was able to meet former Congresswomen who ran the event, and Congressman Blumenauer's secretaries.” 

Isobel and her father with her painting at the left side of the photo

Her piece called "The Metropolitan Area Express," is one of the many 2023 winners featured on The Congressional Institute’s website.  Find it in the first column of art, the second one down:  https://www.congressionalinstitute.org/art-contest-winners/

Image from the website of winners, with Isobel's artwork surrounded by an orange box

Readers can also go to this site to watch a video put together by the Congressional Institute that gives a feel of the tunnel and all the art displayed!  https://www.congressionalinstitute.org/congressional-art-competition/

“One of the most memorable parts of my trip [was] touring the Capitol building. So much history is locked in this massive building. Statues of former presidents and radical, influential leaders surrounded you in every room. The central rotunda was one of my favorites. The ceiling must have been 300 feet tall! And the image painted in the dome was detailed and realistic, reflecting Renaissance painting style, featuring George Washington seated with thirteen maidens representing the first colonies. Truly an astonishing sight!”

Isobel's photo of the rotunda

After pondering the impact of Portland Christian on her life, she shares, “After attending PC, I believe I'm well-equipped for college-level courses. I made many great relationships there and I always look forward to coming back and visiting! Such wonderful memories and friends. Gradually throughout my schooling at [Portland Christian], I was able to unearth my passion and talent for art, and I hope it's something I can continue to do for a long time.”

Currently, Isobel is attending Clackamas Community College studying Digital Media and Communications. She’ll also be at the Sunnyside Farmers Market every Saturday until October 28th selling art prints, handmade jewelry, and crochet plushies! “I hope this can be the first step towards a sustainable, creative career.”

Isobel in DC

We wish all the best to Isobel in her art and work endeavors!


Read more about Isobel's inspiration for her artwork here:







Words by Grace Dugger