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Volunteer Opportunities

PCS is a place where families are involved!  It is only because so many of our families participate so enthusiastically in our Service Block program that we are able to maintain our quality programs and facilities. Portland Christian Schools absolutely could not function without the dedicated and wholehearted service of our students' families. Thank you for taking this opportunity to join in the PCS tradition of family involvement and support - a tradition that has sustained PCS for over 70 years.

The PCS Service Block Program

Every PCS family participates in the Service Block program by:
  • Performing volunteer service, or
  • Paying a service block fee, or
  • Purchasing needed goods for the school, or
  • Any combination of the above


Volunteer Service

  • The service block requirement is thirty (30) volunteer hours per K-12 family per year.
  • Each hour of service is credited at $16.50
  • Any family member, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even family friends, may volunteer.
  • Volunteer opportunities include chaperoning field trips, helping in the classroom, working at athletic events, coaching, working in the offices, serving on committees, building, painting, landscaping ... and more ... contact your school office or watch News & Notes for volunteer opportunities.
  • For the welfare of our students, everyone working with children and youth at PCS, including volunteers, must pass a background check and complete our adult/youth contact training annually, as well as provide documentation of COVID vaccination status.
    • Watch the Adult/Youth Contact Training.
    • Complete and sign the Agreement of Compliance for Adult/Youth Contact when you have completed the training and submit a copy to the school office at your campus.
    • Please contact your campus office for the information required to complete your background check online.
    • Submit a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card to your campus office OR contact Linda Swenson for information and forms on exception requests. COVID-19 vaccination exception requests for volunteers will be reviewed on a monthly basis. 

  • A Service Block Completion Report must be signed by the Program Coordinator - the department/person who received your services or donated items -  then returned to your campus office.


Service Block Fee

  • The annual fee service block fee is $495.
  • You may opt to perform volunteer service or purchase goods from an approved list rather than paying the fee.


Purchasing Goods

  • Goods purchased must be from an approved list of needed items.
  • Purchasing goods may prove to be a less expensive financial option for you as the actual price of the goods, plus the time involved shopping for and delivering them, is calculated into the service block credit.
  • Please contact your campus office BEFORE purchasing any items.
  • Please report your purchases to your campus office so we can be sure to credit them toward your service block.