Portland Christian Schools Preschool - Grade 12

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Why PCS?

Why choose PCS?  There are many reasons. Here are 10 of them:

  1.  You want your student to succeed.
    However you define success, Portland Christian Schools’ rigorous college prep program prepares students for what lies ahead.  Our alumni succeed in all walks of life – ask Olympian, Kim Hill (’08), medical researchers Aaron Hata, MD, PhD  ('94) and Kirsten Lampi, PhD ('80), "Gold Rush" producer and star, Todd Hoffman ('87), Hollywood attorney, actor, and author, Roger Ellis ('75), short-term teaching minister, Rick Cordell ('67) - or any number of other PCS alumni.   
  2. Faith matters.
    The Christ-centered curriculum at Portland Christian Schools and shared moral values help students mature into Christians who, in the words of Micah 6:8, “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.” Christian is our middle name - it defines us and establishes the foundation upon which PCS stands.

  3. You want to keep your child safe.  
    Surveys identify safety as a top priority for parents and a top strength of PCS. The orderly and safe environment at PCS is ideal for optimal student learning. Student support services are immediately available to any student who feels a need.

  4. Your student needs more than academics.  
    We have activities galore, from arts to athletics, to clubs to service opportunities - and more. PCS is large enough to offer a variety of activities but small enough to be inclusive. Your child can engage in student life far beyond academics, and be part of something larger than themselves.

  5. Every student is an individual.
    Our student/teacher ratio average of 14:1 allows our faculty to give personal attention to each student. In the words of a PCS parent: Students receive “stellar attention from the teachers. They make learning fun for our child. They are very accommodating to the needs of our student. They seem to care about our child as much as we do. Everyone from the secretaries to the principal seems to take a genuine interest in my child’s education.”

  6. You are independent.
    And so are we. PCS is not regulated by any church, denomination, or government agency. With more than 162 churches represented within our student body, PCS is independent, non-denominational, and non-church affiliated. Diverse in doctrine, unified in faith, we remain united in the salvation and love of Christ, avoiding the dissension which may be caused by denominational distinctives.

  7. Independence alone isn't enough - we all need to be part of a community, too.
    PCS is a community of families who love one another, help one another, pray for one another, and support one another through all of life’s joys and cares. The PCS family is your family for life.

  8. An investment in education is an investment in your child.
    A high-quality education can prepare your child for life. A high-quality Christian education can prepare your child for life and for eternity.

  9. Growing into a leader is an opportunity for every child.  
    Every person has the ability to build personal character and to affect those within their realm of influence - in other words, to grow in leadership. Solid leadership qualities support strong citizens and leaders for our nation, our churches, our corporations, and our world. PCS has been growing leaders in mind and spirit since 1947.

  10. You have a choice!
    You don’t have to choose your child’s school by geography alone. You can choose what is best for your child based on your family's values and priorities. Contact us to learn about the choices we can offer your family.